Ori Gersht: History Repeating



MFA PUBLICATIONS - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



MFA PUBLICATIONS - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



Lucinda Hitchcock


4 colors AreaW4 from RGB files


250 lines/screen


Phoenix-Motion Xantur and Xenon 170 gsm (Scheufelen)


hardbound, cloth, and jacket

“Somewhere between”, the sequence of images collected in this book, is the product of 16 years of work by the Israeli photographer, Ori Gersht: a voyage that began on the road between London – where the photographer currently lives and works – and Sarajevo at the end of the bloody war, and including on the way such locations as the railway line between Krakow and Auschwitz, the Lister Route, the road crossing the Pyrenees between Spain and France which in the Second World War became a symbol of freedom, and such historic sites as Hiroshima. Ori Gersht affirms that he seeks traces of what used to be, the signs of a historic memory surviving in the collective imagination, in deserted landscapes.

In parallel, the volume includes the frames and photographs of still-lifes of his most famous works, such as Pomegranate, Falling Bird and Big Bang: sequences showing the explosion of objects or, as in Falling Bird, a slowed-motion fall from above.

Big Bang 01, the pictures of a vase of flowers exploding in slow motion, was reproduced for a time in Times Square, New York, during the Times Square Moment. Every night, a few minutes before midnight, the images replaced the continuous succession of advertisements in favour of art.

The publication won a prize in the 2013 edition of the New York Book Show, in the Special Trade, Photography category.






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