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Trifolio asserts its mission through the refinement of a printing process that is receptive to both creative stimuli and advances in technology. Utilizing a printing press widely available on the market, the company pushes its methods in experimental directions but in ways that can always be reproduced, as required by the industrial process. Research is focused on the selection of the inks, calibration of the color profile, and choice of media and supports. In line with the mission of the company, the Trifolio method makes it possible to attain ever higher goals, going beyond the standard printing processes.

Classical style

At Trifolio, “classical” is not meant in the negative sense of a closed tradition or static ideal. Rather, the company views the term in a more nuanced and positive way, a classical style being one that combines vast expertise in the methods of production and delicate refinement of these methods to achieve an exceptional printed volume. This perspective ensures the unmistakable character of every book realized, building an instantly recognizable company identity. The high opinion in which Trifolio is held in the English-speaking world confirms the universality of this Old World yet modern style.


Innovation is the key to discovering solutions compatible with the realization of a book of exceptional originality. The client’s requirements serve to stimulate the technicians at Trifolio to experiment with procedures, techniques, and technologies, in dialogue and in full cooperation with the client. Trifolio’s prospects for growth and renewal in the sector of art publishing fundamentally depend on the company’s ability to be a constructive and active partner.


The horizon, by its nature, can seem distant or close, depending on the observer’s point of view. It is an abstract concept—a movable boundary—that gives risen to a very elastic field of action. Trifolio takes the initiative to get as close as possible to the design of the book—the creative horizon—right from its preliminary phases. By anticipating a collaborative exchange of professional experience at the very moment of the project’s conception, the print shop can look ahead to the possibilities and suggest technical solutions capable of boosting the expressive potential and singular quality of the volume.


Trifolio adheres scrupulously to procedure, considering rigor and method essential to planning the workflow. Yet the procedures are also designed to adapt to the needs of the individual project so as to optimize time, resources, and the quality of the results. The course of action followed by the company includes a feasibility study, analysis of critical points and potentialities, and careful monitoring of developments to guarantee the end result. This interactive process allows for modification, updating, and improvements on tried-and-true procedures.


It is possible to “make haste slowly.” Procedures take time to be refined, and time is the investment that Trifolio asks from its clients. In a hectic market in which urgency comes at the expense of quality, bringing everything down to a minimum standard, Trifolio swims against the tide. It does not force production tasks to speed up in order to complete more jobs, but instead takes the time necessary to ready each volume for printing, and always with a margin of time for the unforeseen complication. Careful planning, in arrangement with the client, ensures on-time delivery.

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