Trifolio is a Verona-based printer offering cutting-edge pre-press and printing services for art and photography books. It unites twenty-first-century industrial technologies with the craftsmanship and skill of the traditional artisan print shop Who we are A passion The flat bed press Verona . Each book Design Prepress Printing Bindindg is an experience in its own right, each a new challenge to be met using a professional work method Classical style Innovation Horizones Procedures Times that bestows an imprimatur of unique distinction and recognizability on the printed volumes. Research and innovation are the foundations of the ambitious AreaW4 Colour and the Human Eye Wide CMYK Performance Why? Print Test printing process project with which Trifolio tries out techniques of printing that allow it to go beyond the standard. The key Transparency Participation Concreteness to its results is its professional team, whose members practice their trade with passion and professionalism. Trifolio is committed to meeting the needs Museums Galleries Publishers Artists Photographers Designer of all those who are looking for quality and originality, and is open to opportunities for collaboration and exchange in the realization of special projects,   for example…
Texts: Lorenzo Respi - Art Historian and Curator,
founder of All Around Art s.r.l. | Art Services & Publishing