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Why should a museum have the catalogue of its permanent collection or a temporary exhibition printed by Trifolio? Because a catalogue is an educational and scientific medium that responds positively to collaboration. Because it is the testimony that remains after the closing of an exhibition. Because it is the only souvenir of the artistic experience that visitors can take away with them. A series of fine catalogues, designed by the museum in synergy with Trifolio, contributes to the establishment of the museum’s cultural identity and improves the quality of the services it offers to the public.

Why should a private gallery do its printing with Trifolio? Because a catalogue is an important element in the promotion of art and artists on the international market. Because it is an opportunity of advancement for new generations and a means of communicating fresh, expressive languages. Because it spreads the gallery’s image within the art world. An original and innovative catalogue reflects the artistic spirit that inspires the work of the most avant-garde galleries. Trifolio proposes itself as an active partner in the creation of such an opportunity.

Why should a publisher turn to Trifolio as its printer? Because Trifolio is the ideal partner with which to carry out thorough and experimental research into the materials and techniques of printing. Because its unique style helps to give a distinctive character to art books. Because an artisanal attention to detail enhances a modern publication. In the age of digital and multimedia technology, the printed book, with its centuries of tradition, must necessarily evolve: it will increasingly be aimed at a niche market of connoisseurs and collectors who look for and appreciate exceptional workmanship in the printed volume.

Why should an artist create books in collaboration with Trifolio? Because for Trifolio, each book is a miniature work of art that the artist can realize together with our technicians. Because it is a product of human ingenuity that has expressive potential and possibilities still to be discovered. Because it translates the individual language of the artist into a form accessible to all. Trifolio does not regard the book as a mere illustrated volume, but as an artist’s catalogue, or rather, an artist’s book that can be produced in a large number of copies using traditional printing presses. This insight is based on Trifolio’s experience and the deeply held convictions of its staff.

Why should a photographer choose Trifolio? Because whether a photograph is the imitation of reality or the transfiguration of an emotion, it needs vivid, clear colors. Because it is possible to find the right combination of paper and ink to enhance the allure of the contrast between black and white. Because the photographer’s experience of peering through the lens can be reproduced with exceptional fidelity in the eyes of those who look through a portfolio of pictures. Trifolio supports the photographer by experimenting with new techniques to find the most effective rendering of tonal shifts and the best resolution in printing.

Why should a designer turn to Trifolio? Because his or her creativity can and should meld with the experience of those who are thoroughly familiar with the materials and technologies of printing. Trifolio is committed to working alongside the graphic designer right from the planning phase, suggesting the most modern technical solutions to guarantee the best quality of the layout and the durability of the binding. Sharing and collaboration are the watchwords: only in this way is it possible to create a book that is beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch. The expression of a good idea deserves to be carefully crafted.

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