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AreaW4 is a high-performance offset printing process that can reproduce up to 520,000 tones in four-color printing (40 percent more than the requirements of the ISO standard). Conceived by Trifolio to produce books of superior quality, it is an “open” process, continually and rapidly evolving, that skillfully unites the intuition and knowledge of its developers with advances in technology. AreaW4 is a workshop of innovative ideas, an advanced research department, and a results-oriented production facility. Trifolio guarantees its clients a print quality that stands out within the panorama of art publishing.

Wide CMYK Performance

In analyzing color theory, it seems evident that the technique and technology of offset printing have severe limitations in the reproduction of both the colors perceptible by the human eye and of those produced in photography or by artistic techniques in general.

These limitations have a negative effect on the quality of a printed book. As Trifolio’s mission is to create books to the highest-possible standard, this critical issue has been at the heart of the company’s development of its production.

In 2009, the company launched the AreaW4 project, a locus of innovation and technological experimentation, a workshop of ideas and experiences that Trifolio regards as vital in order to offer its clients a quality of printing that is superior to that of its competitors.

While the market’s general tendency is to direct innovation toward containment of costs, reduction in production times, and simplification and automation of the process—with a consequent lowering of the bar in standards of quality—AreaW4 invests in the future: it has abandoned the ISO standard and trends set by the market; extended the time for research and production; and combined human sensibility with new technologies and state-of-the-art materials to surpass standard production results.

The primary objective of AreaW4 is to increase the number of tones (i.e., colors) that can be reproduced in offset printing when using the four basic CMYK pigments. Currently, the spectrum has been extended by 40 percent with regard to the ISO standard. This extension permits the reproduction of shades of color that do not exist or cannot be reproduced in traditional printing, guaranteeing an appreciable increase in the resolution and depth of the printed images.

Wide CMYK Performance is the result of the AreaW4 method, which is a synthesis of extended performance in four-color printing and an open-minded approach to the use of techniques and choice of materials in the printing process.

The technique developed by Trifolio is based on methods of conversion and processing of images (of necessity, RGB files), the use of nonstandard pigments, and the minimization of margins of error, achieved through analysis using algorithms derived from multiple readings and careful control of environmental variables.

AreaW4 is a constantly evolving project, a quality brand in the sector of offset printing, and a source of pride for the Trifolio company.

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