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AreaW4 is a high-performance offset printing process that can reproduce up to 520,000 tones in four-color printing (40 percent more than the requirements of the ISO standard). Conceived by Trifolio to produce books of superior quality, it is an “open” process, continually and rapidly evolving, that skillfully unites the intuition and knowledge of its developers with advances in technology. AreaW4 is a workshop of innovative ideas, an advanced research department, and a results-oriented production facility. Trifolio guarantees its clients a print quality that stands out within the panorama of art publishing.


The following two figures are scans from printed sheet: same files, machine, paper; we tried to avoid any possible variation of the printing conditions. The first follows the standard ISO 12647-2 second printed with "AreaW4 printing process." You can easy appreciate the difference.

Stampa con ISO 12647-2
ISO 12647-2

Stampa con AreaW4
AreaW4 printing process
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